A: Monetizing through Vydia is $20 per year per artist allowing you to upload unlimited amounts of videos.  This will create an official artist profile on VEVO.com and you will have the option to create an official "ArtistnameVEVO" channel on YouTube, or be added to one of five VydiaVEVO channels on YouTube (Pop, Rock, Country, Urban or Latin). If you would like your own "ArtistnameVEVO" channel on YouTube, select "Custom VEVO YouTube Channel" on the Additional Services page for a onetime $79 fee.

Channels take a minimum 2-3 weeks to configure and one week for additional videos.  Both processes can be rushed for an additional fee. Not everything is accepted for each network, so it needs to go through a quality control and approval process.   In the event your video is not approved for Vevo or any other network, your channel will still be created and held awaiting an approved video.  This Vevo channel will be separate from your personal Youtube channel and will not have a log in or username for it.  All changes needed ( photos, description, links, etc) can be sent through a support ticket on support.vydia.com.

On Vydia, you can start by completing a Monetized release for your video, following the steps,  and confirming your submission.

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